Section 1
4th technological structures and global environmental risks.
Plavinsky N. A.
Section 2
Environmental education for sustainable development .
Butchenkov I. E.
Round table «Topical issues of linguistic training of environmental specialists for professional and intercultural communication»
Dovgulevich N. N.
Section 3
Biomedical diagnostic methods.
Smolyakova R. M.
Section 4
Epidemiological and hygienic assessment of human environment.
Batyan A. N.
Section 5
Adaptation of human functional systems to natural and extreme environmental factors.
Sysa A. G.
Section 6
Bioecology. Bioindication. Radiobiology. 
Golubev A. P.
Section 7
Nuclear technologies and radiationsafety.
Kievitskaya A. I.
Section 8
Environment of natural and urbanized territories.
Golovaty Sergey Efimovich 
Round tabl
e «Legal, methodological, technical and information support of the environmental quality assessment». 
Golovaty S. E.
Section 9
Energy-efficient technologies and energy management.
Pashinsky V. A.
Section 10
Medical physics and electronics. Information systems and technologies in health care. 
Zhuravkov V. V.
Section 11

Krutalevich M. M.
Round table
«Current problems of biomedical ethics»


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